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** Water supply interruption @ Shelley Beach due to burst pipe in Jocelyn Street. Work is in progress to restore water supply ~ 28 Nov 2014 **

** Water supply interruption @ Marburg due to burst pipe next to Wimpy Primary School. Work is in progress to restore water supply ~ 28 Nov 2014 **

** Water supply interruption @ Umzinto due to burst pipe in Temple Road. Work is in progress to restore water supply ~ 28 Nov 2014 **

** Water supply interruption @ Gamalakhe due to burst pipe in Island area. Work is in progress to restore water supply ~ 28 Nov 2014 **

TEL: 039 688 5830 / 0800 092 837

Load shedding will affect Ugu’s supply systems

Ugu District Municipality warns its customers about the effects load shedding will have on the district’s water supply more...


Ugu District Municipality receives award from Cogta

Dr Lungile Baloyi-Bhengu, Member of the KZN Planning Commission hands over the certificate of recognition to Mr Malusi Mzotho, Ugu District Municipality Manager Integrated Development Plan at the awards ceremony more...


Ugu District’s water access reaches 83 percent

: A community member from one of the rural communities in the district gets water from a tap in the yard of her house more...


WATER IS LIFE: Respect it, Conserve it, Enjoy it

An unusually high water bill may indicate a leak somewhere in your home. Water leaks can be very costly and a waste of South Africa's most precious natural resource. Make every drop count. Report water leaks at your nearest municipal offices.

  • Use a bucket rather than a hose to wash your car
  • Kettles should be filled with just enough water for your needs and not to the brim
  • Turn off taps while washing your face, brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Taking a five-minute shower a day, instead of a bath will save up to 400 litres a week
  • Fix leaking toilets. It can waste up to 100 000 litres of water in one year.
For water and sanitation related queries, leaks and burst pipes and illegal water connections, contact your ward councillor or call 08000 WATER (92837) or (039) 688 5830/36 or SMS 44751.

"Ugu District Municipality promotes working together to create an environment that is friendly responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for local communities"

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