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** SHELLY BEACH Residents:Water supply interuption expected at LUTHERAN CHURCH in Shelly Beach on Thursday (21/08/14) due to PRV installation from 20:00 to 00:00. Apologies for any inconvenience -- 20 August 2014**

** SHELLY BEACH Residents: Water supply interuption expected at PRINCE STREET in Shelly Beach on Thursday (21/08/14) due to PRV installation from 21:00 to 00:00. Apologies for any inconvenience -- 20 August 2014**

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Ugu on a drive to unblock communication channels

Ugu District Municipality led by the Deputy Mayor also the Chairperson of the organisation’s Water and Sanitation Portfolio Committee, Cllr Mondli Chiliza, held a special meeting with the key members of the Gamalakhe, Ward 26 regarding the status of water supply in the area. more...


Ugu tackles real financial management matters

The Municipal Finance Management Act makes provisions on processes and procedures to be followed when the municipality is transacting for service delivery purposes. more...


Increased water demand calls for emergency upgrade

In a bid to ensure customer satisfaction and uncompromised service delivery, Ugu District Municipality is to commence with the Emergency Implementation of the Murchison Water Supply Upgrade for the effective supply of the Murchison community. more...



IDP Review Adoption 2014/2015
Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 25 (4) of the Municipal Systems Act (MSA), Act 32 of 2000, that Ugu District Municipality Integrated Development Plan Review for 2014/2015 was adopted on 26 June 2014.

All stakeholders and role players including members of the general public are advised to refer to this IDP for all programs/ projects and budget which will be implemented in the 2014/2015 financial year which will commence on 01 of July 2014 to 30 of June 2015.

It is our responsibility as all stakeholders that the implementation and monitoring of the IDP is a success for enhanced service delivery.

IDP copies will be made available at all the municipal offices and community libraries.

  Ugu District Municipality IDP 2014-15
 Opinion Poll

Should Ugu increase its tariffs for 2014/2015 financial year?



2014/2015 Service Delievery & Budget Implementation Plan & Section 54 & 56 Managers Performance Contracts
Notice is hereby given in terms of section 53(3) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, which states that the mayor must ensure:
(a)that the revenue and expenditure projections for each month and the service delivery targets and performance indicators for each quarter, as set out in the service delivery and budget implementation plan, are made public no later than 14 days after the approval of the service delivery and budget implementation plan; and
(b)that the performance agreements of the municipal manager, senior managers and any other categories of officials as may be prescribed, are made public no later than 14 days after the approval of the municipality’s service delivery and budget implementation plan.

Members of the public are therefore invited to view the Ugu District Municipality’s 2014/ 2015 Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan as well as section 54 and 56 managers’ performance contracts from Ugu District Municipal Offices, 28 Connor Street, Port Shepstone, 4240 from 11 July 2014 to 15 of August 2014.
  Ugu District Municipality SDBIP 2014-15

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