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Mayor takes draft budget to the people

The Honourable Mayor of the District Municipality, Cllr Ntombifikile Gumede accompanied by both the political and administration leadership will be presenting the R1 Billion draft budget to various communities of the district. more...

Ugu District Municipality promises an epic festival

Ugu District Municipality in conjunction with Cyassound Holdings held 2014 the first Ugu Jazz Festival media briefing at Riverside hotel, Durban on Tuesday this week. Among present were (from left) Siya Msomi from Cyassound Holdings, Vulamehlo mayor Thabani Dube, Ugu District mayor Ntombifikile Gumede and Welcome Msomi from Film Commission. more...
Municipal Notice IDP/Budget Review 2014/2015:
Invitation to comment on the Integrated Development Plan(IDP)/Budget Document for Ugu District Municipality(DC21) and its Local Municipalities

The Municipal Systems Act(MSA) (Act 32 of 2000), poses a legal requirement that all municipalities must every five years prepare an Integrated Development Plan(IDP), which is reviewed annually due to the changing circumstances. The drafting of the IDP is done concurrently with the Budget.

Notice is hereby given, in terms of Chapter 4, Section 18 of the Municipal Systems Act and Section 22 of the Municipal Finance Management Act(MFMA) (aCT 56 OF 2003) that Ugu District Municipality has finalised the Draft IDP/Budget for 2014/2015 financial year.

Municipalities are further required by the same legislation (MSA) in Section 29(1) to allow for communities and all stakeholders to be consulted and participate in the process by making written comments and input into the Draft IDP/Budget. The period for the submission of written comments and input is twenty one (21) days.

Ugu District Municipality with its family of municipalities extends an invitation to all members of the public to comment on these draft documents. They are further notified that copies of the draft documents are available for inspection and comments as from 31st March 2014 till 2 May 2014 in the following venues.
  • Ugu DM - Connor Bazley Street & Oslo Beach Offices, Municipal website & all local libraries
  • Vulamehlo - Municipal Offices
  • Ezinqoleni - Municipal Offices & libraries
  • Umuziwabantu - Municipal offices, Harding Library & Municipal Website
  • Umdoni - Municipal Offices & libraries
  • Umzumbe - Municipal Offices
  Draft IDP 2014-15
  Budget 2013/2014 Part 1 - 3.07 MB

  Budget 2013/2014 Part 2 - 3.81 MB

  Budget 2013/2014 Part 3 - 3.41 MB

  Budget 2013/2014 Part 4- 3.01 MB

  Budget 2013/2014 Part 5 - 1.41 MB

  Budget 2013/2014 Part 6 - 2.06 MB

South Coast Tourism Draft Budget - 1.10MB
  Download: Ugu District Growth & Development Strategy
  Download: Ugu District: Air Quality Management Plan 2013

  Download: Ugu District: Air Quality Management By Law

  Download: Application Form: Atmospheric Emission Licence

  Download: Application Form: Atmospheric Emission Licence MS WORD VERSION
TOLL FREE NUMBER:0801 111 660
FAX 086 5222 816
POSTAL ADDRESS P. O. Box 51006, Musgrave, 4001
Ugu SCT Annual Report 2013:   737 KB
Audit Report Jan 14:   159 KB
Draft Annual Report 2012-2013:     3.56 MB
Consolidated Financial Statement 2013:     1.59 MB

Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 46(4) of the Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, which makes provision for the municipality to adopt its annual report, and within 14 days:

(a)make copies of the report accessible to the public, interested organisations and the media, free of charge or at a reasonable price
(b)submit a copy of the report to:
  • the MEC for local government in the province
  • the Auditor-General; and
  • such other institutions as may be prescribed by regulation
Section 129 (3)of the Municipal Finance Management Act, Act no. 56 of 2003 further prescribes that the accounting officer of a municipality must in accordance with section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act make public an oversight report within seven days of its adoption.

Members of the public are therefore invited to access the Ugu District Municipality and Ugu Tourism Association's 2012/2013 Annual and oversight Reports at the following community facilities from 11 April 2014: Umuziwabantu Library; Scottsburg Library; Port Shepstone Library; Margate Library; Ezinqoleni Library; Uvongo Library; Umzumbe Municipal Offices; Vulamehlo Municipal offices; FET Colleges and all Ugu District Municipality Offices as from 03 April 2014

  Download: Oversight Report 2012/2013
  Download: Tariff of charges 2013/2014
 Promotion of Access to Information Manual(PAIA) (In accordance with The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000)
  Download 457 KB: IsiZulu

  Download 241 KB: English
 Draft - Ugu Growth and Development Strategy 2030
  Download 2.97 MB
Request for Access to record of Ugu District Municipality (Section 18(1) of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) [Regulation 6]
  FORM A - Download 51.7 KB

Notice of Internal Appeal (Section 75 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) [Regulation 8]
  FORM B - Download 74.2 KB

  Ugu District Municipality Organisational Scorecard 2012-2013

  SDBIP 2011-2012

  Ugu District Municipality Investment Profile

  Umuziwabantu Municipality IDP 2011/2012
  Integrated Development Plan(IDP) 2012/2013 - 2016/2017
  IDP Intro and Overview:

  IDP Chapter 1-2: 1.73 MB

  IDP Chapter 3-7: 1.73 MB
Download: Municipal Red Tape Reduction Booklet

Budget Speech by Ugu District Mayor 2013-14

UGU DM IDP 2013-2014

UGU DM OPMS Policy 2013-2014

Fraud Hotline
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