Sep 03
Our journey of improving the lives of our communities continues


Ugu District Municipality has made remarkable in-roads towards extending water and sanitation services to communities who had no access and provided economic opportunities by bringing jobs nearer to their areas of residence through our growth development initiatives. We still cannot stay at the comfort of these achievements as voices of the destitute communities are still echoing. And as a caring sphere of government, we shall ensure that no-one is left out and our leadership is resolute in ensuring a better life for all our communities to creating a better life for all.

Our task, going forward, is to continue to work tirelessly in addressing the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality.  It is for this reason that as part of our programme of action is to mobilize our resources towards poverty alleviation programmes as our collective response to the challenges faced by the communities. However, we need to change course as we continually strive to become an equitable, non-racial, prosperous, non-sexist, and just society. Shifting course will require commitment and dedication from all who make this district their home. Extraordinary efforts are demanded from all of us, to work towards building a more equitable society, where everyone is cared for and where none are neglected.

Our key focus has been that of accelerating service delivery of water and sanitation services to our communities and the eradication of poverty. And we are determined to overcome whatever challenges we encounter in pursuit of this noble course

Efforts to implement the Revenue Collection Strategy in a manner that builds confidence of residence continue as the people of Ugu District expect the Municipality to provide uninterrupted water and sanitation services which requires full cooperation of our residence towards the payment of municipal services rendered.

We are therefore making all strides towards mitigating risks; improvements of our billing systems; improvement of our water infrastructure and bettered municipal fiscal management which all culminated in us receiving a Qualified Audit Opinion from the Auditor-General. 

We also have not departed from our deliberate efforts to actively intervene on the plight faced by local small businesses through ring-fencing 30% of total procurement to Ugu District-based companies which will increase participation of local businesses to the economy of the District.  

The Municipality still places a high emphasis on the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) which is part of the municipality’s poverty alleviation programme tailored to absorb many of our communities into sustainable jobs. We have also adopted an aggressive approach to encourage establishment of cooperatives as an easy-to-create business entity that can help numbers of people to get out of the ranks of the unemployed to self-employment. 

Our journey continues, towards improving the lives of our communities through enhancing our efforts of delivering basic services and we reiterate our unwavering allegiance to the core imperatives of the Freedom Charter and proudly proclaim our readiness to accelerate the radical transformation of economy to bring about an equitable, just, and inclusive District.

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality

Apr 16
Municipality solicits public input on 2018/19 draft budget


As of 5 April 2018, our Municipality commenced with the annual democratic exercise of taking to the communities the five-year Integrated Development Plan and the Council approved draft budget and for the communities' constructive input prior to its final adoption.

The Municipality is consulting the Ugu community on a people's draft service delivery budget of R1 115 239, 769, made up of a Capital Budget of R314 019 172 which will aid key municipal strategic focus areas which included among others, asset management, development and recuperation of municipal water and sanitation infrastructure and an Operational Budget of R801 220 597, with the main driving costs being provision of quality water and sanitation services.

The municipality has made a sizable allocation for free basic water and sanitation services to the indigent communities at R64 529 000 for Umdoni Municipality, R57 040 000 for Umzumbe Municipality, R146 778 000 for Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and R42 632 000 for Umuziwabantu Municipality.

For development of water and sanitation infrastructure, R57 176 000 has been set aside for Umdoni Municipality, R85 130 000 for Umzumbe Municipality, R99 952 000 for Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and R43 631 000 for Umuziwabantu Municipality.

Taking into cognizance the country's current inflation rate, we have a proposed tariff charge increase of 5.3% across the board.

Much emphasis has also been made in the allocation of funding for the continuity of special programmes aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty, unemployment and inequality. To highlight a few, we have set aside R9 345 495 for the EPWP programme which is aimed at fighting poverty by creating employment opportunities, R500 000 for the Mayoral Bursary Fund, R550 000 for HIV and Aids programmes and R8 500 000 for community skills development.

At the conclusion of this consultative process, community inputs will be taken into consideration and will inform the final budget for the 2018/19 financial year to be adopted by May 2018.

As the District Municipality together with our family of local municipalities, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the communities that we have visited thus far for showing great interest in the proposed budget and for making some meaningful contributions on behalf of their communities. The communities still to be visited are also encouraged utilise this democratic process to their maximum benefit as we work together in Moving Ugu District Forward.​

Thank You

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality


Mar 27
Mayor's Easter Message


During this time of the year our diversity as a nation is strengthened by the spiritual renewal that consumes our faith.

Over the next few days, Christians will be having Easter celebrations and I wish to urge you all to use this period of spiritual invigoration to reflect on how best we as a society can contribute towards building social cohesion in our district.

May I wish all Christians well as they converge in various places of worship during the Easter weekend. Please pray for our district and our country in your respective churches and synagogues. Let us pray for peace, harmony and prosperity in our district. Let us also pray for strength and wisdom so that we can overcome the various challenges that confront our society.

Most of you will be using our country's roads during the Easter weekend, let us be vigilant and travel safely so that we shall all Arrive Alive.

Let us also use this period of spiritual upliftment to strengthen our resolve of moving our District forward in advancing the power of our communities.​

Thank You

 Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality


Feb 13
We remain resolute to improving the quality of audit outcomes


Ugu District Municipality acknowledges the work and support provided by Chapter 9 institutions such as Auditor General in strengthening our democracy through the execution of the important task of oversight, accountability, and good governance in the municipality.

It is through these institutions that the municipality can measure and reflect on its efforts of improving the lives of communities it serves.

Over the past fiscal years, the auditor general report has indicated a remarkable progression in audit opinions received by the municipality for the financial year 2015/16. And this has been achieved through implementation of stringent measures which were poised to deliver a clean audit outcome for the fiscal year 2016/17 which regrettably wasn't to be.

The latest audit outcomes for the financial year 2016/17 presented at council sitting of 25 January 2018 found that the Municipality has achieved a qualified audit outcome.

The Municipality has previously received a qualified audit opinion and the recent audit outcome came at a time where the municipality was tirelessly working towards achieving the clean audit. The report also found that the two municipal entities, Ugu South Coast Tourism and the Ugu South Coast Development Agency received a clean and unqualified audit respectively.

And having noted the Auditor General's comments, the leadership of the municipality re-affirmed its commitment to improving the quality of audit outcomes and that consequence management will be strictly applied where there is non-compliance with municipal regulations and other relevant pieces of legislation.

In preparation for the clean audit outcome in the next financial year, a consolidated corrective measures plan with time frames has been developed by the municipality which will seek to address and clear all the issues raised by the Auditor-general's report.​

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality

Feb 01
Municipality invests big in education


TEACHERS and pupils alike from Rural School and former Model C Schools in the district that excellently performed during the 2017 academic year reaped the rewards of their hard work and were awarded accordingly by the municipality during this municipality's annual Mayoral Bursary Awards held at the Port Shepstone Civic Centre yesterday.

We have awarded bursaries of R10 000 to 48 beneficiaries who have been accepted to registered tertiary institutions around the country for 2018. We awarded nine of the 48 beneficiaries for being top achievers in the Class of 2017. Our total contribution is R480 000, growing the number of beneficiaries by 11 and our financial aid by R100 000 from 2017.

This year, we went beyond awarding just excelling pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, we also awarded top achievers across the board. We further introduced a new element to these awards, that of recognising top subject achievers, best overall achievers in each local municipality, best performing teachers in various subjects, best performing schools and most improved schools.

The inception of this programme came about through the identification of a need to financially assist deserving students to further their education and ensure an improved level of the graduate professional base. This programme also enables us to put emphasis on the importance of local government playing a pivotal role towards building a strong local graduate professional base by providing much needed assistance to deserving students who are studying towards a professional career.

This will be an achievement for this district through ensuring that education remains at the apex of our priorities in moving our District forward. 

We remain committed to ensuring that we continue to plant the seed of education in our schools and ensure that our top achievers and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds claim their rights to education through initiatives such as this Mayoral Bursary Fund Programme also available in the local municipalities.​

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality

Jan 25
Local schools given motivation into the new academic year


With a view of improving the level of education and instilling the culture of collaboration amongst pupils, teachers and parents for better learning, our district together with delegates from the KZN Legislature and the Department of Education visited three local schools in the Umzumbe area to monitor their functionality.

Over two days, we visited Oxolweni and KwaHlongwa Primary Schools and Mgamule High School to listen to the schools' shortfalls and find ways on how each school can be assisted to perform better. Also, best practises of the well-functioning schools were shared with other schools in an effort to improve their performance for better academic results in the end of the 2018 academic year.

Since the commencement of this programme some years ago, our interventions have yielded positive results in some schools which have seen improved pass rates over the years. Case in point is Dwalalesizwe High School under Ray Nkonyeni Municipality which has seen an impeccable improvement for 2017 academic year.   

Ugu District Municipality has taken great interest in the improvement of education and we will continue to implement programmes that will assist learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and schools develop their level of education.

This milestone can only be achieved through the unreserved participation of Educators, our Teacher Unions, the Principals and their School Management Teams, School Governing Bodies, parents, the business community, politicians from all political formations, and all stakeholders who can effectively participate in ensuring that learners receive quality education in an environment conducive for the promotion of a culture of learning and teaching.

In the coming week, our municipality will be awarding bursaries to 45 tertiary students, some of whom are new beneficiaries who have excelled in their matric studies and some are returning tertiary students who have also performed exceptionally well in the first year of their career studies.

We have placed education at the apex of our priorities in moving our District forward and through education we will eventually conquer the triple challenges of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality.

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality

Jan 18
Our mission is to provide quality services to our communities


The new year comes with many resolutions of betterment in various aspects of life which include our personal lives, careers, families as well as our service commitment to our communities amongst others. And as an institution of local government that is mandated to provide nothing less than quality services to its communities, we remain resolute to ensuring that we become extra committed to ensuring we provide uncompromised water and sanitation services to our communities.

We just come from an unpleasant festive season specifically for the Northern parts of the district which suffered prolonged water supply interruptions. And it is only just recently we have been able to resolve this situation and ensured complete reinstatement of supply to these communities. This experience unveiled various areas that require our most urgent attention and adequately deal with the seemingly recurring service delivery challenges.

It is also a well-known fact that our municipality has inherited an infrastructure which was designed to only supply water to a minute number of households and while this may be, we continue to extend the provision of water to most communities.

We have over the years invested our resources on major infrastructure projects across the district whilst also responding to the glaring reality of ageing infrastructure. A pipe replacement program is in place and currently underway and we are resolute on our quest as a water authority to provide our residents with clean drinking water irrespective of whatever challenges we encounter along the way.

Soon we will be rolling out a programme of cleaning all our reservoirs as a matter of urgency to ensure that in a case where our supply systems reach very low levels, our communities are not subjected to discoloured water at any given time. We will be strengthening our adherence to the national drinking water quality standards.

These plans are in place and are currently being subjected to budget processes for implementation. And while this task at hand may be too big as communities who still need water and sanitation services are still many, we will remain committed to the course and forge ahead with our development agenda regardless of any challenges. ​

Thank you

Cllr MA Chiliza , Mayor Ugu District Municipality​

Jan 08
Mayor Congratulates the Class of 2017


His Worship the Mayor of Ugu District Municipality, Cllr Mondli Chiliza congratulates matriculants for their achievements in the final year school examinations.

Ugu District is proud of the Class of 2017 whose years of hard work were rewarded with good results.

We also congratulate the teachers and parent communities in the District whose on-going commitment to education is reflected in the results.

We wish to reiterate our commitment to quality education for our learners hoping that the Class of 2017 will remain committed to improve their knowledge through continuous studies and utilise their skills to serve the socio-economic development of Ugu District as well as the country at large.​

Dec 13
Merry Christmas to the Ugu Community


We are approaching the end of yet another challenging and exciting year. This year has been a very long and eventful year within the sphere of local government.

Indeed, we can look back at a year that was and agree that a lot of strides have been made towards advancing the developmental agenda of local government, that of improving the lives of our communities through provision of basic services.

Yes, certain things did not go the way we would have planned them to but the positives simply out-weigh the negatives.

I wish you all the people of this wonderful district a Merry Christmas and peaceful festive season. I encourage both you our residents and visitors to take some time out during this festive season to explore our diverse cultural, leisure and many more lifestyle activities that make Ugu District a tourism destination of choice.

To all the residents and various stakeholders, thank you once again for keeping us on our toes. Your devotion to the business of government continues to guide us as we pursue the mandate you gave us during the local government elections.

You remain our strategic partners and together we can move our district forward

As you all take time off from a hectic year that was, please do so in peace and harmony. Embrace those next to you and make a difference to those less fortunate. After all, the festive season is a time of giving, so let us all play our part and make a difference to those in need. If you will be travelling during this period, obey the rules of the road, and arrive alive.

Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year​.

Thank you,

Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality​​

Dec 05
A warm welcome to the festive season


Greetings to Ugu residents and all holidaymakers that will be visiting our beloved district during this festive season.

As the municipality we wish to relay a message of assurance to our residents and holiday makers; that as a Water Services Authority of the District, we are equipped and ready to provide our consumers and holidaymakers with adequate water and sanitation services during this peak season.

We are aware, and it is regrettable; that our district has suffered tremendous service delivery interruptions in the past few weeks which led to some level of uncertainties for holidaymakers. Also, in the past years our existing infrastructure was unable to cope with the peak season demand.

Yes, certain things did not go the way that we planned them to, but nevertheless, the positives must outweigh the negatives.

We have since implemented projects to ensure that we improve our supply systems to be able to perform optimally even during the most demanding periods of the year.

I am sending all our visitors and residents this message to assure them that it is business as usual in our district and our permanent and temporary residents can rest assured that we have watertight plans to ensure all services remain uninterrupted during this period and our customers and holidaymakers alike are able to fully enjoy what our district has to offer in terms of our holiday lettings, sparkling blue flag beaches, luxury entertainment centres and our adventurous outdoor activities that make Ugu District a tourism destination of choice.

Those who are still contemplating whether they want to holiday in our district are encouraged to book now and come enjoy our beautiful weather, friendly people of the district and our tranquil holiday atmosphere.

While I get this chance to address you all, I would like to also take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a peaceful festive season and a Prosperous New Year.

And those who will be travelling during this period,  please obey the rules of the road, stay safe ;and arrive alive.

Have a blessed Christmas, festive season and a prosperous new year.​

Thank you,

Cllr Mondli Chiliza, Mayor Ugu District Municipality​

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