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​​​​​​​​Below are the functions that the section does,​

  • ​​Administration and financial management MIG funds within the municipal and national accounting systems for infrastructure projects of the municipality, and for any other  municipalities where this authority has been delegated to the PMU;
  • Coordination of the project identification and prioritisation process for municipalities served by the PMU and ensure proper integration of the respective Infrastructure Investment Framework (IIF) and Integrated Development Planning (IDP’s) with the appropriate input from the various other government departments to ensure synchronised service delivery; 
  • Coordination of  Special Municipal Infrastructure Fund (SMIF) project applications will support the provision of large scale bulk and connector infrastructure involving a number of municipalities; 
  • Management of the local infrastructure programme (municipal scale) as well as physical project implementation activities; 
  • Management of the MIG MIS and the preparation of all necessary reports to municipalities and the Provincial MIG Management Units and the National MIG Unit; -   Socio-economic impact assessments detailing how the MIG programme has impacted on the communities and municipalities in terms of skills development, community involvement, municipal partnerships, local economic development and how the lives of the communities have improved; 
  • Facilitation of backlog studies and environmental impact assessments of projects when necessary. 
  • ​Inclusion of other Capital works funded from other sources within the competence of the PMU ; and  -  Coordination of project-based capacity building and developmental initiatives.